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MP3 downloads???

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What are the best free sites to download music??? I've never really was into downlaoding MP3s but the old lady now wants to create her own cds and stuff so I ask this question to all of you...

I know that you could uae Kazza but I don't really want to use PTP... Is there something out there that is better then Kazza???
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If you're looking for sites to buy downloads, there are plenty. If you're looking for pirate sites, they move around alot. :)

You could always try Usenet newsgroups.
Not looking to buy... just looking for free sites or PTP that is better then Kazza...
did you try IRC ? give it a shot, you will be suprised :D
Thanks Merlin... I'll try it tonight when I get home...
I recommend Morpheus. Be aware - a lot of files are being sent out by the RIAA as containing the songs, but they don't. Also, there are some viruses that masquerade as mp3 files.
I know of no way you can get a virus from attempting to play a bogus MP3 file, unless it doesn't actually have an .MP3 extension.
I really didn't like mIRC too much... I'll try your suggestion of Morpheus... Thanks....
I've just read some bad stuff about Morpheus... They said that Morpheus has a lot of spyware/adware... I've found two PTP programs that I think I'll like... Shareaza and WinMX... Thanks for all the suggestions....
Just to let you know, Kazaa is Morpheus upgraded. They are on the same server (or were in the beginning) and pretty much are the same thing (different interface).

There are a lot of "fake mp3's" running around (along with movies and other files) but you should be able to find anything you want on Kazaa. And if you do get Kazaa id really recommend download Kazaa Lite (not Diet Kazaa, its good but KL is a lot better in my opinion, and I use DK since it came out). KL also removes all spyware/adware from the program.

WinMX is good but is pretty confusing if you dont know what you are doing. Again in this situation I would still recommend getting Kazaa unless theres a song you absolutely can not find (and that situation is very rare) . Ive never heard of Shareaza (my best guess would be a Kazaa rip off).

Good luck with the MP3 business :winking:
dont download anything thats similair to song.mp3.exe :)
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