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Right ! I am not looking for the cybernetic Rubik Cube enthusiasts, I am appealing to the ordinary user. I could not care less about the the fascinating technical merits of Mozilla TB against OE. Bores me to tears - BIG YAWN.

I am just an ordinary retired domestic user who uses Email for family and friends plus a few business matters.

I have used OE for years but have now installed Firefox TB. I like it, especially with it`s walnut dress on and it works fine. BUT, I have the impression that it is a parasite of OE. I have both OE and Firefox TB on my PC.

It seems that whilst I can send emails on TB with no problem, received or incoming mail goes into OE and then is relayed to TB.

I do not want TWO left boots, just ONE. I do not wish to have both OE and TB playing babes in the wood together

Can I disable OE and just have TB ? I do not wish to have both. Retaining OE to act as a parasitic surrogate mother to TB is about as ridiculous as one can get. I will not uninstall OE, but just wish to retire it.

John Bull
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