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Moving System Array to another Disk Drive.

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I currently have my system drive C: spread across a 4 disk raid 0 array. I want to replace that array with a single disk.

What will happen if I clone my system drive from the 4 disk array, pull that array out, put in a Single drive, and put my system image on that single drive. Anyone think XP will wigout?
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Since it is in RAID 0 which means there is no replication, I would think it should work. The fact that windows sees the drive as one instead of the four should allow this. With that said what program are you going to use to make the image?
I have norton ghost. I'm worried about xp wigging on disk drivers. But from what I am gathering, XP will never know anything happened? I'm going to check out Acronis.
If the destination drive is a SATA, make sure that OS has the SATA controller drivers loaded on it.
My single disk drive will be connected to the same motherboard. So I should be correct?
Yes and no because currently you have RAID controller drivers loaded and not the standard SATA controller drivers loaded. Usually these are different.
ah I see. Where can I get some standard drivers to install? I have a nVidia chipset.
I'm using an Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe.
Before you attemp the move, backup any critical data.
Thanks for the help everyone. Everything is up and running again. :pray:
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