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movies in PPT-files won't work anymore

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the history:
I work a lot with animations in my PPT-presentations. This has always worked fine and i have more then 100 presentations i use frequently on my harddisk.

Recently i had a virus which i was able to remove. I did everything on and a specialist here reviewed my ananlyzer-log and said it was fine.

the problem:
Now when i try to start a PPT-presentation (with a movie in it) the space for the animation is blank. the movies won't play. This is with ALL my presentations.

I tried playing the movies in Mediaplayer and that worked for all of them

I even tried remaking a PPT and adding a movie, guess what, that worked...

I don't want to remake all my presentations, this is work from over years...

Please if someone knows what could be the cause of this or better yet, has a solution to this problem, please let me know!
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Have you done a repair install of Powerpoint(or office)?
i have reinstalled the whole program to no avail...
this is getting weirder and weirder...

when i delete an animation on a slide and insert a new one (the same path to the same avi-file), the animation will play in the presentation as it used too.

The map with avi-files hasn't moved.

Also i oticed that when i show a slice with an animation, the animation will show for a split second before turning blank...

any advice on this would be greatly appreciated...
no one? the problem seems to be the paths to the avis but i cant find out how i can repair all the links at once..
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