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Hi I'm getting a seriously strange mouse issue.

Everytime I move my mouse at a highspeed it stalls or glitches. That is if I try to do a 180 turn in game with a whip motion I get a stall, or if I scroll from the top right X button in FireFox to the Start menu too fast I also get a stall. Wiggle the mouse, stall, do anything other than smooth very slow and linear movements and I get a stall.

This problem happens with all of the mice I own; 2 different types of Logitech mice, and a pos Creative. The Logitech Optical Mouse I own is totally brand new out of the box and still gets this issue.

I've tried installing individual MouseWare drivers for each of the Logitech mice and the problem still has not been solved.

I've tried putting all the mice in all the various ports they support, usb, and p2 whatever im computer ignorant...

I'm working with a fresh install of windows from this morning.

I actually reformat due to previous mouse issues, which seem to be gone now... only to be replaced with this one. I'm not sure what exactly caused my mouse issues pre-format, but my mouse basically accelerated at a level much higher than what it was set at. I deleted all of the mouse drivers on my computer a few times with various 3rd party apps and still had the issue.
I think this problem started occuring after uninstalling the CS mouse accelfix and some crappy Razor drivers.

The huge acceleration problem is gone now but I'm getting these horrible stalls.
It basically makes gaming impossible and no fun.

Oh I also tried lowering my graphics acceleration requirments in the Windows display options and that didn't solve anything either.
And the obvious, changing the surface the mouse scrolls under to various mouse pads and wooden panels etc

Could this be a motherboard problem?
Does anyone have any ideas?
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