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Hi there,

I have a Logitech wireless mouse and keyboard plugged into a dell xps 420 pc.

I arrived home last night to discover my mouse doing all sort of unusual things.

When i first logged into windows i could right and left click on anything on the desktop, however i could not use and of windows task bars or start menu.

I took the batterys out of the mouse and it seemed to fix it.

I opened internet explorer and 2 mins later the mouse started to autoscroll when i moved it , then i opened my bookmarks moved the mouse down them and every bookmark that the cursor touched opened.

The mouse is acting like the left button is being pressed hundreds of times per second.....Sometimes.

I have tried new batteries.

I have tried a new mouse.

I have tried updating drivers.

I tried a rollback.

I have tried AVG/Avast/spybot full scans.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks.

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