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mouse problem

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mouse needs to be clicked twice / thrice to make selection. what has gone wrong?:no:
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To set the mouse to single-click or double-click

Open Mouse in Control Panel.
On the Buttons tab, under Files and Folders, select one of the following:
Single-click to open an item allows you to point to an item to select it and click once to open it.
Double-click to open an item allows you to click once to select an item and double-click to open it.


To open a Control Panel item, click Start, point to Settings, click Control Panel, and then double-click the appropriate icon.

Single-click to open an item enables you to click once in many places where you would normally double-click. For example, you can click an icon to start a software program.

Hope this helps.
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If changing the settings doesn't work, you may just have a bad mouse. I've had the switches go in a number of them, but a new mouse is cheap. :)
the mouse is set for single left click. it was working fine till afew days ago. now even though i have not changed the setting, the response of the mouse seems to have slowed down.
Here's a mouse problem you guys seem to be overlooking. I have a wife that believes the only way to clean the dirt off of it's ball is to beat it on the desk!:D Can you guess how often I have to replace it?

well, it sounds like a dead mouse to me, and they are cheap as dirt these days. my optical was 10 bucks and i love it. try borrowing a mouse, and see if it messes up on your machine, and if it does, then a new mouse prolly wont help. in that case it could be alot of things wrong.

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