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Mouse Problem(RESOLVED)

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My mouse has been working fine untill now. Recently I started my computer and it wouldn't work. I tried a new mouse and that didn't work either. Any ideas on what to do? Thanks in advance.

Windows XP Service Pack 2
Pentium III 1GHz
NVIDA GeForce2 MX/MX 400 Graphics

(This is on behaf of a friend)
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Have you tried a USB mouse instead of a PS/2 mouse.. or vice versa? This is what I would try first.
No, we haven't sorry. I don't own a USB mouse, but the PS/2 mouse was working fine untill earlier today, and the new PS/2 mouse doesn't work either.

Also, I went to the Control Pannel>Mouse>Hardware and it says that no mouse is installed.
Its possible your port has died, try the usb mouse
You could also take the mouse to a friends pc to see if it is actually the mouse that is faulty
We don't have a USB mouse sadly, but we have 2 PS/2 mouses, one of them is brand new, got for christmas.

It should work really shouldn't it?
It wont if the port has gone bad which has been known to happen., you need to use the process of elimination. Test the mouse on another computer
Okay, thank you. I will as soon as I can. Anything else that we can try meanwhile that may correct this problem?
Everything works now. We started up in the morning and it worked :S!

Thanks anyway everyone.
Strange, something is amiss in the system to make it react in that manner.......
The connector pins being bent (can be straightened) or the cable may have fallen loose...
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