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Mouse Lock-Up (not there on boot) and Windows Lock-Up Transfering Files HDD to HDD.

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My errors are a freezing cursor - dead mouse on every other reboot ..and.. With file transfers from one HDD to another I will frequently get a system lockup of Windows (forcing me to reboot. hard reboot). My System is CLEAN of viri and trojan as wella s spyware. I Have WinXP Pro Sp2. Running Zone Alarm Pro v6, Eset NOD32 v2.5, Webroot Spysweeper (for coookies and alt scans), Spyware Doctor v. (resident), and Trojan Hunter v4 (also resident on boot). I am also booting and browsing with Pop-Up Stopper Pro. My Hardware? Abit NF7-S rev.2, Athlon 3200 Barton core, Best OCZ 400Mhz RAM (?) - 1Gb in dual channel, Audigy 4 Pro for sound. Latest drivers for all "to best of my knowledge" Any Helpers? :)

*More on the file tranfer lock-ups. The two other drives are Seagate drives and identicle. They're 300 Gb each... I have not reformated them since my last Windows reinstall - they were detected right off.

Could be Windows isnt seeing those drives for what they are?? Even worse, a bus problem? :4-dontkno

Thank you in advance.
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have you tryed running safemode? is it the same?
run a chkdsk: start > My Computer > right click the drive u want to scan > properties > tools > error checking - Check Now > put tick in both boxes > click start > click to scedule on next boot > restart

see if it returns any errors or corrects this :sayyes:
Yezzir, ran VCOM FixIt on it and did the checks it can do which are much better than the system checker. Also defragged both (all) with Raxco Perfect Disk. No errors. Can't figure it out... not sure if the two problems are related. I ahven't booted to Safe Mode since this installt hough. Would booting to safe mode repair anything automaticly or did you mean check the disks from there? :wiggle2:
Okay I'm beginning to veer off subject of WinXp here as I discovered what the problem is probably, at least in part... sorry.

WinXP isn't seeing the two 300Gb drives on my Promise controller as 300Gb only 120... how can I fix that at this point? Will I need to be doing reformatting? No!!! :eek:

Hep meh please.
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