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Moto SB5100 & USB Connection Problems

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I have an old Toshiba laptop (166mhz) with Win98 on it that I bought used. I want to connect to the Internet via my Motorola 4100 cable modem that I must connect using my USB port because the laptop does NOT have a network card.

When I try and install the modem drivers from the mfr install CD I get the Windows error message that information for this device is not at that location on the CD (I am searching then highlighting the "Net4100.inf file"). I also cannot figure out how to get the modem to appear under Networking Devices as a TCP/IP - Motorola Surfboard modem. All I can install thru Windows is a TCP/IP DialUp Adapter.

Speaking of dial-up, the laptop also has a telephone modem. I dial into MetConnect, and I can hear the modem connecting and handshaking and the dial up networking software says I am logged in, then connected and then when I open a browser I am NOT online and the two little screens icon in my sys tray don't blink when I try to send data by trying to get into a website. :cry:

I am at a loss at what to do. :4-dontkno I surfed these forums but no one seems to bother with the USB connectivity issue because they can jump on their networking card, but alas I do not have that option.

Any advice is appreciated.

Maria :cool:
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If you have the Motorola Install CD you should disconnect the Modem, put the CD in and it will aotorun.
Select remove drivers (in case some have been installed in your previous attempts) Follow the instructions
Select install and follow the instructions and it will install the drivers for you and setup the connection and test it as well.
Any problems post back as I had alot of problems with this modem and should be able to help.
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