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how can i find out what size of memory my m-board can handle
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to say this forums got it experts on it ??ime clueless as regards to helping others but even the simplist of questions left with no replys.i suppose i could try another forum // :cry: :sad: :sayno:
Welcome to TSF: Jim:

We try to responmd to all qestions as fast as possible / we are volunteers ???

Find your motherboard (mobo) model and then go to the respective website or post your mobo model in here. The spec systems on the mobo website will give you your ram specs and max configuration and slot assignments.

you can download this utility to check the maker of your mobo plus many other equally as interesting functions

hope this helps / dont hesitate to ask more questions ~~ patiently I hope ???


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great info very helpful ive got SDRAM IN AT MOMENT will i be able to use DDR RAM
hi jimbull,

i know there was rarely any motherboard that supported both sdr-ram and ddr-ram slots backt then. most likely you will need to get a new motherboard if your motherboard only supports sdr-ram. its time ot upgrade.
Pull up "CRUCIAL", follow there instructuions and you'll get the info you want.
i agree with keymaker
msi put out a board that had 2 ddr slots and 2 pc133 slots..but it was either or, you couldnt mix and match.
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