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Motherboard shortout?

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I was benchmarking my new gtx 460 with furmark when my pc suddenly shut down, it wouldnt start up again so i switched the power cable to see if the lead was faulty. As soon as i switched on my psu there was a flash and a little wisp of smoke from the psu:eek:. I presumed that my 500 watt psu couldnt handle the energy demand, the fuse was blown in the psu so i went out and got a 700 watt monster psu (much more than i needed) and stuck that in. What happens now is whenever i attempt to switch on my pc all the fans move for a fraction of a second and then nothing. I fear that my mobo or processor may have been damaged in the shortout. I have tried:
Reseating the ram
Using a different gfx card
Plugging in to a different wall socket

Power is reaching hardware as the fans turn for a second, could i have wired up my psu incorrectly? Is my mobo or cpu kaput and how can i be sure?

Specs: win 7 64
Gtx 460 768mb
Intel q8200 @ 2.33 ghz
700 watt psu
4 gigs ram
Gigabyte ga 73pvm s2h

Any help would be appreciated:grin:
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Inspect the MB for any damaged capacitors or burn marks.

It is possible that the MB or other components where damaged.

What PSU did you install?
I installed an ocz "stealthstream" 2. Probably not the best choice lol. I cant see any burnmarks on the mobo
Your 500W PSU was underpowered, and I suspect low quality, for the GTX 460.
When low quality PSU's fail it is not uncommon for them to damage other hardware.
Try another GPU in your PC or try your460 in another PC to narrow down the problem.
A bench test would be a good idea.
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