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Motherboard Onboard Audio & Soundblaster problems

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I recently built a P4 2.4 Ghz computer and just solved a problem caused by the stick of 512 MB memory. Now, for some reason, the computer would freeze up whenever I use it after a random amount of time. Sometimes it would be 5 mins, others would be 10 mins. I somehow figured out to take off the sound card and it stopped freezing up. Is there some way to disable the onboard audio on the motherboard and still use my Soundblaster 128 PCI because I need my surround sound ;) Talk about a strange problem......
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give us a little bit more info there please.

what motherboard have you got and what BIOS is it using and i can help you out from there.

Sorry about the Lack of detail. The motherboard i'm using is an ECS L4VXA2 with Phoenix Technologies BIOS version 6.00 PG
It should be in the BIOS under, Integrated Peripherals

If not, confront your manual as i'm sure it will say the option where to disable it.

Good luck
I tried disabling the onboard sound but it still does not work. The computer still freezes up when I put the soundblaster 128 PCI card back onto the motherboard. Is there some compatibility issues with ECS motherboards and soundblasters? I'm deciding whether to buy another Soundblaster soundcard or not if they're not going to work together. Thanks for helping!
Try different PCI slots!
I have similar problems, but with an Asus p4c800-e deluxe and an Audigy2 plat. Whenever I had the audigy installed and would play a 3d game (warcraft III or BF 1942) OR one of the ATI demos (i'm using the ati radeon 9800 pro) the system would "hang".

I yanked the audigy and am using straight up onboard sound with miles emulated 3d and haven't crashed yet...

I'm not sure if that would help you- but It might be worth a shot to see if the games your using are trying to use 3d sound (eax i think. I'm kinda new at this) and if so, see if in the games option you can flip it over to some emualted 3d sound via the onboard sound.

If someone more vetern to this stuff could give me an endorsement on this I'd feel a bit more confidant. Goodluck

Sounds like it may be a resource issue. You may need to manually assign resources in bios.
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