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Stan said:
now when i get the mobo to recongnize the hard drives, it only will show up 1 when i go into my computer

but i did manage to get the numbers

06/02/2000 -693-596-8671-2A6LGC3A6-00

**i finally able to get on, I disconnected my second hard drive 40gb, then when i start up i get this message

"CMOS check sumerror - Defaults loaded"

not sure what that means, but i'm leaning towards my second hard drive that is broken, looks like i might need to get a new one now
You just reset your CMOS :)

Try to search on google your mainboard name and flash
like -> download +mainboardname +updateflash

-> then download the .bin file and awdflash.exe from site
then boot with a diskette and type awdflash example.bin example2.bin /c /yy /r
you will update your flash to a new version and you'll be able to setup a 100gb+ hdd init
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