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Motherboard loads up but i cant get any further?

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So my motherboard is in, everything looks dandy and then when i switch on i get to this page that says somthing has changed in your computer in 20 seconds it will try and load windows...or somthing like that and then it restarts and does the same thing. I can change the bios settings and that stuff but i cant put in the c.d that came with the motherboard it isnt given the chance to load up. help?

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Hi Joe
You need to be more specific, what are your system specs. Is this a replacement Motherboard or a new system etc? Need more details on the exact sequence of events. Is windows boot giving you this message, is it the Bios post? If the system is not new is this motherboard the same as what you had in the machine?
I bought a new motherboard it is a k8Gx with sempron 3000. Once i had plugged everything in and booted it up windows boot gave me the message with 5 options ..."safe mode, safe mode with network, safe mode with command, most recent windows, normal windows. 20 seconds to decide before the system restarts and which ever one you select the computer just restarts and the same message comes up.
Ok this is why I asked you specific questions about whether this is a different Motherboard from what you had in the machine.

If this is a different board from the one you had originally then Windows does not know what to do with this motherboard. Windows, when it was loaded had drivers for the hardware installed into your machine. Now you may have pulled the rug out from under windows with this hardware.

Since I still know nothing about the history of your system I will take a shot in the dark. This is not the motherboard and maybe not even the same CPU that was originally in the machine, Windows is confused.

If this is so then you have 2 options, try a windows repair or a clean install. You will need to boot the machine from the Windows CD and go through the repair procedure. This should redetect your hardware and allow windows to boot when done. If you do not have any important files on the machine I would do a clean install.

Windows in either case will probably ask you to re-authorize your windows installation because it appears that you have made a major hardware change.
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