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Motherboard Frustration

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I am currently in the middle of a computer case transfer. Along w/all my old hardware I got a new motherboard. Everything is connected correctly but when I turn on the power supply to boot up nothing happens except the green light on the motherboard turns on. Fans aren't spinning, power supply isnt moving...nothing is happening. So I thought maybe the motherboard is bad, so I took it back and switched it out w/another one. Installed it and set it up but im having the same problem. I have eliminated a couple of things....

-Not the power supply because I tried hooking the motherboard up to 2 or 3 different ones.
-Not the lead cables (power, reset, LEDs) cause they are setup correctly.

Im out of ideas and am VERY frustrated. Any ideas guys?
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Could you try the PSUs with another motherboard and see if they work?
Although they don't even turn on, it may still be the PSU.
Some motherboards need to be connected to two cables from the PSU. One is the 20/24pin (the normal one) the other is the +12v which is a 4 pin. Check if these are both connected.
go to our "Building" section ; in there is a sticky named "Bench Test" review and try that method

let us know how it goes
Yes they are connected and sorry I should have also said that I already connected the 24-pin and 4-pin. Ok I just hooked the PSU up to my old computer and it booted it up just fine, so that completly rules out the PSU now. Ok linderman I will go check that out. Anyone have any other suggestions as well? This is becoming rediculous. Ive never had this much trouble building a PC before. :upset:
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