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motherboard display

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i have an intel d945gccr moptherboard an i am currently using one monitor and now i want to use two monitors , i have a question if i use a dvi splitter will it work for me and i am giving a link to a photo of my ports in my motherboard in it. what is round circle 1 and 2 , can they be used for dualmonitors

i think that it is sort of vga and dvi connectors if i can use them for dual monitors
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No. 1 is a Serial port and No.2 is a parrallel port . . neither are video ports.

Clean that bad boy . . it's filthy!!
The purple one is a parallel port, basically a legacy port for Zip drives and scanners were early implementations followed by external modems, sound cards, webcams, gamepads, joysticks and external hard disk drives and CD-ROM drives.

The blue one is a serial port basically used for almost the same thing, so to answer your question you can not add a second monitor to those ports

A dedicated gpu with two dvi or dvi vga or dvi vga or hdmi can be used

On a side note, looking at you pics i would recommend opening up your computer and blowing out all the dust in your computer
You need a PCI Express video card with dual monitor support. If you're not a gamer it doesn't have to be anything expensive.
Or... you could pick up an old PCI video card on somewhere like eBay for next to nothing. That'd probably let you run a single PCI video card and the motherboards onboard video which you're currently using at the same time.

The PCI Express option is probably the better one but make sure it's dual monitor card with the correct connectors (or adaptors) for your monitors. You probably won't be able to use the motherboard's onboard video with a PCI Express card installed.
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