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mother board help

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aight im new here and dont know where to sk this but i need help on my mother board
my asus p5nsli isnt reading the pci exprees or pci cards i put in it they get power but the board doesnt like detect them
i need to figure out wat is wrong so i can get my video card workoing i have a radeon x700 pci express vido card i need to get it to be read on the board can some1 plz help me
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only post the same problem once
what is actually happening,are you seeing the post screens and all the fans running and then nothing coming up on the monitor
or are you not getting the post beep
if you are seeing the post screens check that any aux. power to the board or the video that are required are connected
post your system specs including the power supply details
230 volt power supply,asus p5n sli mother board (not reading pci or pci ex slots) intel celeron d 3.33 ghz processer ati x700 pci express video card
i dont hear a beep but all the led case light and all the fans are working but the cards arent reading and i dont here the hard drive so i think thta its not like gonna work so im just gonna take it back tomorow and exchange it for a new one of the same kind
power supply details are from the label on the side
makers name
amps on the 12v+ line
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