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so here it is the worst case ever
so ive been running xp and i decided to go to vista and it was directly dowloaded online so i dont have the cd
secondly i run a registry fixer which instead destroyed a file that is needed
now when i try to turn on vista a blue screen comes on which says error launching windows physical memory dumpin blah blah blah
third i tried doing the system recover
then it ask me what to run

1 D:\I386
2 D:\MiniNT
3 D:\Windows

i hit 3 then enter
then it ask for admin password i type it in
and it says incorrect
ive tried like all the passwords ive ever used non work whats so ever
so i dont know password

well after 3 tries it restarts so balh anyways
i cant console recover i cant put a disk in i cant log onto my comp

is there anyway to restore my password
what can i do?

em i gonna have to buy a ultimate cd
or is there anyway to reset password without starting pc complelty
Hi lawlbear. . .

Welcome to the Tech Support Forum - Vista Support!

The first thing that I noticed from your choices is the I386 file - which belongs to XP.

Where was this version of Vista Ultimate downloaded from... and what about your product key code.... for the Vista upgrade?

EDIT: What is on Drive c:? What was the purpose of the registry fixer - and what product did you use?

Regards. . .


1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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