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More RAM? Current RAM performing as it should?

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Hi all, couple of things.

Firstly, I currently have 2x1gb sticks of Corsair DDR2 ram rated at 800mhz, running in duel channel. However, CPU-Z is confusing me somewhat. I think it's saying that my RAM sticks are 400mhz each, so I just came here to confirm that by "2x1gb 800mhz RAM", it actually means that they are 400mhz each, and therefore 800mhz combined. Although having said that, surely it would then make it better to buy two seperate sticks, both of which are rated at 800mhz? (CPU-Z settings at bottom)

Secondly, If I were to add 2gb more RAM, should I stick to 800mhz and Corsair? Or is it ok to deviate from this.

Thanks :wave:

CPU-Z screenshots:
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I do believe that what the system is doing because they are 2 identical sticks of ram is that it is only putting half the load on one stick and half the load on the the other. Have you tried taking one of them out then running the test again? If so I'm almost sure that you would see the 800Mhz

edit: In addition to your second question I would not deviate from corsair at all. They have a great reputation for making lasting products. The more symetrical the ram the better off the system
Ok thanks, I'll try testing them individually.

I would buy the same set, but it was a couple of years ago now and I can't find them anywhere.

DDR2 means dual data rate. This means that for each clock cycle the RAM is accessed twice. So for 800MHz RAM the clock will be 400MHz.

Your system is normal.
Ok Lead3, that's all I needed to clear up. Thanks for that :)
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