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The HDMI Handshake between the video display and the host device determines what resolutions are available in the host (your computer/grapics system). If the video display's HDMI handshake "tells" the host that 120 Hz is the maximum refresh rate, you will not see 144 Hz options on the computer no matter what you try on the computer. I would consider checking all available settings in the monitor to see if there is any possibility that the 120 Hz limit is coming from the HDMI handshake. If the other person you know is close enough, you could take your monitor to that computer and see if 144 is available as a setting. If 144Hz is NOT appearing on another computer capable of 144 Hz refresh rates, the issue is inside the monitor and not in the Intel Graphics subsystem. Another issue... sometimes if the video display has TWO HDMI ports, depending on whey you purchased it, one of the HDMI ports might be limited to HDMI 1.4 while the other HDMI port supports HDMI 2.0... similar deal on the graphics-subsystem. If the Intel Graphics supports dual HDMI outputs, check to see if one of them is HDMI 1.4 while the other is HDMI 2.0. HDMI 1.4 definitely does not support 144Hz.
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