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Vista Home Premium 32
GTX 285

Hi all.

Recently switched back to a single monitor setup and thats when the trouble started (i think).

At first, sometimes got "graphics driver was not responding and has been restored", when starting up a gaming application, no issues otherwise so i ignored it.

This morning, suddenly the monitor lost signal shortly after Vista startup, always when desktop was already loaded. This persisted so i went into safe mode and updated drivers. I also disabled all startup programs.

This seems to help some, but still when running that one game application (which i have done for weeks now without any problems ever) the monitor loses signal, sometimes right away, sometimes after 1 hour.

The PC is still responsive (i.e. streaming music keeps playing, and repsonse to mouse is there).

I tried to switch to VGA but doesnt help. Im lost. :normal:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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