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monitor issues

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Hello, I am new here and not sure where to post this but I desperately need help with a monitor issue. We have just aquired a used computer from a friend and have bought an ASTVision 7L monitor to go with it. The monitor should be capable of more than 16 colour and low resolution but we cannot get any more settings. We have tried the device manager but the monitor does not even show and under other we have Video controller (VGA compatible) but has a question mark on it. We have encountered this sort of thing before but installed new driver and was all good. We have downloaded what I'm sure is the right driver and computer won't recognize it. Can anyone please help, we have tried a whole array of things and nothing works.........

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Hello linerk and Welcome to the forums.........:winkgrin:

What brand video card do you have in there?
Generally, it is not the monitor that would be to blame here.

Most likely, the Video Adapter ("video card") itself is set to display only 16 colors.

To check, go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Display

Then click the last tab ("Settings").

See what you have in the "Colors" area of that dialog. My guess is that it is set to 16. You can drag it around to adjust the settings. Be careful when changing these settings (make sure the monitor is capable of displaying what you tell it to -- this is more of an issue for resolution that color, however).

Let us know.

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If your Video controller is listed under other with a yellow question mark, then your OS does NOT like whatever driver you attempted to install. Is there anyway you can pull the card out of the computer and look to see what brand and model it is? If it is builtin then perhaps tell us what brand and model your computer it is and we can attempt to find out from the vendor's web site. What driver did you download, BTW?
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