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Monitor help, Broken? (Samsung Touch of Color T260HD)

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Ok, so I moved recently. Cross country, blah blah, hit a deer, jolted the car, blah blah.
Monitor worked before I left, and it semi-works now. But it ocassionaly will simply go black, and flash white periodically, like every few seconds. And then after so long, a couple minutes, maybe, it shuts off, and powers itself back up and works fine.

It does this randomly, no rhyme or reason to it, I've been playing games,simply had a web browser up.

Unplugging/pluggingi t back in doesn't fix it, it still flashes. So I don't know what to do. help?

Samsung Touch of Color T260HD 26-Inch LCD HDTV Monitor

Is it possible that I have the wrong power cord in?

I checked the PC connection cord, and it was tight, but, it started doing it, sooner then ever before, as I put weight on it to check the back. When I tilted the monitor back, it fixed it. I can't leave it like this however, because it's rather difficult to use... tilting it down made it start again, however, It fixed it upon going most of the way back down. Still slightly tilted up. Weird.
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Have you tried another monitor to be certain it is the problem? Is it still under warranty?
Well, my other monitor (I run two) isn't having any issues whatsoever, and no, it's not still under warranty, It's almost two years old at this point.
You might check the warranty period. Many Samsung's have a 3 yr. warranty.
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