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monitor goes black

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i have a view-sonic VA2226w with a display problem. when the monitor is hooked up (with the computer on) it displays normal for close to one second then goes black. its not an input problem because the monitor's settings menu doesn't ever show up. if i push buttons on the monitor to make it do a self adjust it will turn back on for a few seconds while it self adjusts then sit for around a second, then it goes blank again. i took it apart and checked the circuit boards, there is not sign that anything has been damaged or has exploded.
what could be going on here and is there a way, no matter how invasive, to fix it?
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If the monitor has the same issues with using another PC I would say it's time for a replacement.
yes, but is there any way i can fix it? im pretty good with hardware. one person i talked to said it was a bad vga dvi switch. what exactly does that mean?
Have you confirmed you are using a resolution and refresh rate the monitor supports?
yes, i checked it just now.

here are the steps from computer to seeing on the monitor:
1. gpu processes image
2. gpu sends signal out
3. cable transmits signal
4. monitor receives signal
5. monitor board processes signal
6. monitor board sends signal to LCD screen
7. LCD screen receives signal and displays it.

i think the problem is happening somewhere around step 5 or 6. its not as late a 7 and no earlier than 5.
it displays the image on the screne, just as it should. then goes blank.
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