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Monitor/GFX card showing green blur in full screen

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My Sony LCD monitor has all of a sudden started to periodically display almost a matrix effect style. I cant use the computer when this happens as it is the whole screen that succumbs to this effect. It is like a media player visualisation. as nice as it sounds - my monitor or graphics card may be broken and neither are old at all.

It is either the Sony LCD monitor or the MSI GeForce 4 MX 460.

has anyone seen this before?
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Try another monitor and see if you get the same results. What is the refresh rate set at? If you can see it that is.

have you tried to deguass it?

(im actually not sure if an LCD can deguass so if it cant, laugh at me)
Its (normally) at 75Hx 1024x768.

You cant really degauss an LCD but you can auto detect or reset the screen etc.

I have another full PC to test this on and swapping monitors between them showed that there was nothing wrong with either monitor or graphics card. However after the test, just randomly maybe 4 hours later, it happened again.

My graphics card is dual output so I have put the 2nd monitor on at the same time and at the moment all I can do is wait until it happens again and see if both monitors do it or just the one.

Unfortunately it is a Sony LCD which is out of warranty, if not by far.

Was just wondering what people thought. Another thing, I would find it difficult to prove that it was faulty if I were to try for an RMA...
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is there perhaps some sort of magnetic interference causing the splotch?

i have seen people be plagued by this, for example:

when my roommate turns his stereo up, the speakers cause a splotch on the edge of the screen. he had the screen replaced twice before he figured it out. and, it didnt do it when the stereo was off.

solution: move the speakers further from the monitor.

im not saying this is the problem, but it could be.
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are you overclocking the video?

my desktop card just started changing colors between blue, red and green. I removed it and used a can of air on the AGP slot and card and it works fine. Don't know how you clean out a laptop but if you can, you might try it.
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