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Monitor and sound goes off during gameplay

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Hi Sinius

Did the PSU replacement solve your problem? I have exactly the same system with almost exactly the same problem, except my system crashes with some games and not others. For instance, any game with the Half Life 2 engine will run fine, as will Empire Total War. However, i've experienced the crash on CoD4, World of Warcraft, the system will always crash on C&C3, Shattered Horizon, and now (since the recent expansion far more often that in the past) Eve Online. Interestingly, Eve will always crash when I am near a certain planet, making me wonder whether it is an graphical effect that is causing the problem.

I tried many of the the things you must have; I updated and uninstalled games, upadated and rolled back drivers, from my graphics card even to my wireless keyboard to no avail. I also monitored temperatures and ran graphics benchmarks which didnt cause the problem. I plan to reformat my computer in the next week or so, but i, like you, am doubtful this will make a difference. I even took my PC in to be looked at, as it is still in warranty, and the tech support at PC World said their hardware checks didnt pick up a problem, despite the fact that they saw the crash occur after i told them to run C&C3. I've been looking into the PSU side of things recently, but haven't made much progress. I just wish the people at PC World would actaully physically swap out some of the hardware to see if that solves the problem, but they are far too keen to rely on their system checks and on blaming the software, despite the system being branded a 'gaming' PC.

I am very keen to hear back from you on this matter.
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what are you running
video card
power supply

check the listings in the bios for voltages and temperatures and post them
we don't deal with problems on someone else's thread as it can lead to complications

post the information requested and we can look at fixing your problem
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