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Just to let you know I have the exact same texture problem as described above. I've monitored my temperatures and everything on that part is OK, I have 5 working fans in my system, I can not only monitor them seperatly, I can also control the speed of them trough hardware switches.
Back to the problem; I don't have this problem when playing COD4 Modern Warfare 1, FarCry,... or any other intense 3D game I own.
This happens just with ModernWarfare 2 and it happens to me from the first moment after installing. I haven't been able to play single or multiplayer because of this annoying texture flashing exactly as you describe.
I've already update the Nvidia drivers to the latest, same with directX and tried differtent settings in the game and in the Nvidia control panel.
It's hard to me to believe that this is a heat problem.
When my PC has been of for a night and I turn it on and startup MW2 straight away I have the same problem.
If anyone has another idea please help me out.
thanks in advance!

2GB ram
Nvidia 9600

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Not open for further replies.