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Modem sound & connection activity

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I'm using Vista Home Basic and although the sound is turned on for the internal modem I can't hear when it's dialling, most disconcerting really. It connects ok and the connection works fine. The other thing with it is that the little blue squares in the corner that show connection activity, dont. I have the activity animation turned on but nothing happens. Any Ideas?
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Hi, ceedeei.

I don't call where I read it as it was some time ago. However, as I recall, there is no sound when dialing with a modem on Windows Vista. In fact, from Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Phone and Modem Options > Modems > Properties > Modem, note that the speaker volume is grayed out and not adjustable.

As to activity animation, I really didn't see a difference with animation on or off. The main thing is that it is connected. We dial-up users may not have the speed of broadband connections, but we're still making our way around.
Thanks very much Corrine, I shall think no more about it except that it's one more thing I have against Vista.
You're welcome ceedeei. I've been using Vista since April and like it a lot but am fortunate in having been able to get a powerful machine for it and I'm sure that helps.

As it turns out, while trying to remember where I first read about the modem dialing sound for you, I found a solution for both myself and members of another site who wanted to place a DUN shortcut on the desktop instead of having to click Start > Connect to > Dial-up Connection. I'll share it here in the event it is helpful for you and others.
  • Click the following: Start > Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network Connections > Manage Network Connections
  • Right-click on your dial-up connection and select Create Shortcut. Click Yes to placing the shortcut on the desktop.


Thanks for that Corrine. Attended to it straight away and now have a big fat dialup icon on my desktop. Many thanks, appreciate your time and trouble.

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