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Modem Problem in Dell Laptop

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I have a Dell Latitude c610 with Win XP Service pack 2

running on it. I have a problem with its modem. Whenever

I boot the system it gives message" a new hard ware

found" and after some time and other message window

appears in task bar '' an error has occurred in

installing the hardware......''. I have downloaded the

recent driver and installed it but problem still exists.

The type of modem is PCTEL 2304 WT V.92 MDC modem.

Please help me to solve this problem.
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Are you sure it is a PC Tel modem and not a Conexant?
Do you have any other errors in the device manager (yellow !)?

Can you go to the Device Manager Right click on the modem error>Properties>Details Tab
Post the VEN/DEV numbers you see in Device Instance ID
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