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My latest contraption.................:D

Heatsink & Fan on the CPU.

Badong Cooler Tube Attached to that.

Another fan on the lexan window running at the same RPM as the fan on the heatsink.

A custom made Speedo filter to keep the dust off of the CPU fan.

Runs at 28° C

Well I tried to post a pic using the IMG Code but it appears to be turned off...................:rolleyes:

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I'm pretty sure your the winner, don't think anyone is gonna beat that setup lol. Does your setup reduce all dust inside the case or just the dust surrounding the CPU? 'bout how much did that cost you with the next-gen IDE cabling and everything, just a ballpark.. I'm considering doing something with my systems when I get back and this looks like it could give me something to do. :)

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The Hard-Drivin' Dragon

Motherboard K7S5A
Processor AMD 1800+
Artic Silver 3 thermal compound
stock cooler for processor (came with it)
Ram, 2X 64mb DIMM
Graphics card, voodoo 2 3000
48X cdrom
20gb harddrive (with window)
mitsumi floppy drive
2X 80mm case fans

other case items..
prizmatic plastic eyes with nickel screw posts as pupals.
screening in the nose as a vent
power and reset switches with LED's for each, installed in the lower cdrom bay
stainless steel horns with simulated groth rings painted gold.
3D formed case window with rubber weatherstriping
henged ears with a steel frame with expanded metal mesh webbing
hand hammered aluminun face and head with a steel and galvanized understructure and body
rear extention with 2 case fans and ducting built in for the power supply which is stood up on end
rubber feet, with feet patterns on them.
dragon sticker on the back pannel
red flamed material for apolstered bottom. top of cdrom. rear inside panel and top of inside. all with conical studs
chrome fan grills, rear slot covers and motherboard connector trim (the ring around where every thing connects)
"body lights" in the eyebrows above the eyes just held on with the magnetic casing.. and a white light in between the eyes inside or over all light.

mirage color shifing paint in magenta/gold for the exterior
krylon cherry red insides
gloss black ears
flat black drives and bay covers
gold trim on polished stainless steel horns

the parts arent the greatest, iam not a professional metal worker so there mostlikly flaws in the way i made something or hammered it

over all took about 8 months but actual time working on the case is not known, it was thought up around christmas/newyears and each part built from that time after till now
orginal case was an enlight EN7101 and was totally gutted, taken apart and reworked. even in the process of building the design has been changed a few times as new ideas were thought of..
is where my site about the case is and the following is where the latest pictures are.


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I'd post my rig but the stupid forum censors the word b a s t a r d which is in my URL. Oh well

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System name: NV6800
Motherbord: Asus P4P8X
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.8 GHz
RAM: 2x Corsair 512 MB DRR PC2700/333
VGA: Asus V9999GE GeForce 6800 256 B GDDR3
HDD: Western Digital 160 GB 7200 rpm
DVD: LG 16x DVD drive
CDRW: LG 52x32x52 CDRW
Soundcard: Creativelabs SoundBlaster Live!

I love my case. I love it from the inside and outside :razz:

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My PimpRig


4 case fans - 2 Ultra back UV-sensitive, side UV + LED's
Fan filters
2 12" Ultra UV black lights
12" cold cathode blue liquid light
2 PS fans (separate from the rest of case)
Cooler Master Aerogate II fan controller
Compaq system speaker
Lock on the door
Side I/O panel (2 USB, Firewire, DV)
CD-ROM bezel like on Macs, but glued onto the cd-rom bezel (slides out instead of rolling in when CD-ROM opens)
Handle on the back
Door opens downward like on the Mac G4 case
Most things, other than fans and mobo attach with industrial-strength Velcro for easy detachment (including hard drive bay)
CD-ROM easily-removable (snap-in style)
All-aluminum, including hard drive bay, providing better heat dissipation and making the case strong
Rubbery bottom and rubbery feet
No ribbon cables and no sleeving...all cables are round and UV-sensitive

Acrylic plastic - 3 sheets (2 24x24", 1 12x36"
Aluminum sheets (2 18.5" x 18.5", 3 7.5" x 18.5", 1 7.5" x 19.5"
Black glossy spray paint (two cans for metal, one for plastic)
About 200 screws in the whole case
Some All-Styx glue became necessary for a few small parts
Akasa noise reducing stuff...the black stuff you see stuck to the aluminum (the acrylic plastic goes on top)
Lock and other stuff

Various power saws I could find in my dad's garage
Plastic scraper tool or whatever it's called
Screwdrivers and keys
And lots of other stuff
oh, and a buffing wheel

People ask me how long the whole thing took to make. A LONG TIME. In November 2003 I decided to do it and drew a design of what I wanted it to be like. I spent most of the summer building it at my Russian country house. Finished it here in Houston. Between November and May I looked at many cases and mods online to see what I could use for my case...basically did lots and lots of research on modding. Since this was the first ever thing I built like this, with power tools and everything, it took me much longer to learn how to use all the tools and do everything. I also spent a lot of time redoing parts I didn’t do right and going to the store to buy more materials.
The case is very strong and sturdy. It’s all out of aluminum sheets and with the acrylic plastic on the outside. So I was talking to my friend once and telling him about my computer case. He was like “can you sit on it?” Like what the hell, is it supposed to be bullet-proof? You know when I was making the case I didn’t think of using it as a chair. Anyway, it is still very strong especially with the two-layer design. I don't know if you can sit on it though.

SEE THIS ONE MY SITE (IE only for now)

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New Age Bubble PC

Make sure you click on image so you can view the bubbles. Looks alot better when bubbles are moving of course.

If requested I can change water color to yellow which looks pretty cool with the light!

If you would like to see yellow water let me know!

No front view due to I could only have 2 attachments. (front is not modded yet anyways)


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Haha, this is as far as case modding is ever going to go with me.

Can you tell how I've actually removed the sides of the case? I know, how original! And it only took me a week.


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