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Mobo Install Problems

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I just installed a fresh powersupply and a[GA-7VKMLS] gigabyte motherboard into an older computer.

Everything is in the right spot, i've double checked everything, but the system doesn't
post. I get power no problem, I've switched out the memory, no help.

The only thing that gives me any information is the power light on the cd-rom flashes red, even when I disconnect the IDE cable.

Did i get another bum power supply?
Any ideas would be helpful, thanks in advance.
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Take the MB out and get it fired up on the bench, frequently the stand-offs short out something and stop up the works. Once you get it running with just a video card and a keyboard on the bench, carefully install it back in the case.
done a bare boot in case, vid card and memory only - fail
reseeded processor - fail
switched memory - fail
booted with mobo sitting on bench, no contact with case - fail

mobo and ps are brand new, but it's starting to look like one of them must be defective.

How many things can possible cause you to not post at all: no memory and no video card yield post errors but don't prevent the pc from posting.

help me please!
If you've replaced the P/S, it's unlikely you have another bad one. The only real way to troubleshoot this is by substitution, are you sure the processor is in the correct orientation, the video card FULLY seated, etc.?
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