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mobo change

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How can i connect to this Doc1 with this Doc3

the old board is a MS6577 VER 3.1

the new board is Biostar P4M80M4 478 socket

everything worked fine until i came to this

I hope someone can see what i'm trying to do


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I talked to support for my new board and he said i would have to rewire to fit their board. so i need to know what the wires do. I have three sets of wires...intertwined together by two is a red and black, a blue and black and a yellow and black and they all go into one block. now this worked perfect on the old bord but as you can see by the attachments i will have to seperate them into i think twos. any help will recieve many thanks
when you put them up as word docs a person needs office installed to read them
left with.......whatever
already tried what i have on here at the moment without success

Notice the difference between the jumper JFP1 on the MS6577 Which is the old mobo

and the jumper JPanel1: Front Panel Header the new mobo

It seems to me i would have to rewire these jumpers to fit the new mobo....any help would be great.......Thank You in advance
yes you will have to line up the connections to go to the right pins on the new m/b
also check the wires to the pins on the main power connector to the m/b are ok
okay i have located some dual pin blocks so i can seperate the 3 sets of wires.
Can someone tell me how to plug them into this socket. The red and black go to the off/on switch. The blue/black go to the hard drive work light and the yellow/black go to the on light.

Thank you very much for your support:wave:
G'Day Morgan1339,

Usually the Black wires are always with this in mind, I have done a screenshot image with indicators where each colour/black wire ought to the tricky bit is one set of these may be for the Reset Switch; as you have not indicated that you have another 'twin -pair' comprising of Black and ? to connect to it.
So it might be a process of elimination between the Yellow/Black and the Blue/Black....really there should be a black/green or black/brown to fit the Reset Switch. :4-dontkno

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Try it and post back with the results.

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