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Mobo and GF3 slowwwww

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I had a PIII600 Mhz computer with a GF3 ti500 video card,
I could run 3dmark and recieve a score of 3700 POints, games ran fine,
I bought a P45SA rev 1.5 motherboard with a 1.7GHz Celeron and updated the Bios, and got some SIS 645 driver and ide drivers and installed all requiered drivers for my hardware and I get a 3dmark score of 3300! i cant figure out whats wrong, there are aother people scoring like 5000-6000, whats going on here, Somthien is deffinatly wrong, games even run slower now which makes no sense,
Other hardware i am useing is 512MB SDRAM pC133
Creative labs Soundblaster live
PLextor 8x4x32 CDRW
ASUS 52x CDrom
Dlink 538 TX NIC
all this hardware was also used on the PIII600 system, so i know it works..
Please help I am usign Windows XP Pro with SP1 installed.
I cant afford the cash right now to buy a really wicked mobo like an ASUS, soo this is my delima, I see lots of reviews that say this motherboard can score higher than this..
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SiS attacks again, cheap & nasty! HAHA but for real it could be the celeron because it only has the L1 cache & not L1,L2 like most processors. But I don't think thats the problem, but you may never know. My score was 5671 and I have a Athlon 1.4ghz, 256 DDR PC2100, Asus A7V333, WD 40GIG, ACER 8x4x32 CD-R/CD-RW, PINE 52x, PNY GeFORCE 3, I realy don't know what it can be........
Cant be the 1.7

It cant be the 1.7 Ghz, cuz the PIII600 beat it, so theres no way even if its a cele
What other part of the computer that you did not use on the new one......

Everything else is the same all thats diff is the MOBO AND CPU
Then it has to be your motherboard download the new 3d marks and see what happends.......
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