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I have IBM T60 laptop, which I am using to connect to a acer h235h lcd monitor and am not able to get the display resolution as recommended by ACER, 1920x1200. I also have a Dell 2009W monitor and I get its max resoltion of 1680x1024 without any issues.

My ACER monitor is connected to VGA port and I am able to change the resolution to different settings like

1280x1024, 1680x1050, 1920x1200 *but* the last display which fits correctly on my screen is 1280x1024, beyond this any resolution leaves almost 4 inches of screen on left and 2 inches of screen on right blank. I cant move my mouse or do anything in those areas.

At resolutions more than 1600x1200, the actual screen is larger and more than what is displayed, as in I need to drag mouse towards the end of screen to get to the hidden area and I still see those vertical bars on the left and right.

There was one issue mentioned on intel website regarding common issues faced with intel 945 express chipset and an updation of driver to

version 14324bb was recommended. I did this but it didnt help.

In the graphics setting window I am able to see my monitor being recognised correctly, but I am not sure if there still is EDID problem.

One observation which I came across while trying out various combinations is that I was able to get the display resolution more than 1280x1025 fit into my screen if I toggled the *Right click on desktop->Graphics Options->Output to->dual desktop clone->monitor+laptop". After which when I changed the settings to higher resolution and then selected "Right click on desktop->Graphics Options->Output to->monitor". It worked fine till a reboot. Afterwhich I could never get a resolution more than 1280x1024 to fit completely on my screen.

Thanks in advance for your time and help.
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