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MKV to DVD - How?

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I have an MKV file that I wish to burn to a DVD, I haven't really had alot of success with it.. I tried to use DVD Flick, and it took some 24 hours to "encode" the video and the audio and everything, and yet my disk is still I have no idea what it did. It didn't sound like it was hard at work lazering the data into the disc either, so.. I can only was all for nothing.

The main reason for this is my movie file requires subtitles, and when accessed on my TV from a USB it fails to show them. Yet i can see/read them from that same movie file when viewed on various players on my laptop (DivX etc)

Anyway, How does one successfully place an MKV on a DVD? I tried converting it to something easier to use, an AVI, but that just butchered the nice video quality. Some free programs, advice, all appreciated. Thanks
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Are you putting the mkv into a single or dual layered DVD or a blue ray DVD?

And to note, mkvs are files that offer support for numerous different audio, visual and subtitle tracks. That way multiple different language tracks and subtitles can be included on the same disk. Mkvs are the generally used format for blue-ray DVDs. If you wish to put your Mkvs onto DVDs you need to first convert your mkv to an aviation. S-vcds and DVDs require a compression of at least mpeg2 for video which can only b accomplished with an MPEG encoder. If you convert your mkv to avi, there may be substantial video and/or audio quality loss. Is your purpose solely to watch your mkv on your TV instead of your computer? Do you have a gaming console that has windows media center on it?

You could find a program, I think I have used in such program called Metafox, in which you can delete specific tracks in an mkv.

For instance,
I had an mkv with french as language 1 and English as language 2. Most if not all players would default to language one. So I edited the file and deletes the french track.

Hope this help.

I believe the name of the program to be 'mkvmerge' instead of metafox
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hi Oogles, that makes sense.. I was trying to put it onto a DVD-R, how many layers.. I'm not sure.. It doesn't say dual anywhere on the disc so maybe that serves as a double standard to indicate it's single layered? but I guess it's now apparent that theres a bigger picture out there than simply that. Must be because i'm trying to cram a blue-ray movie onto a DVD, and as such... I should probably go about changing it into something else. My soul purpose is to watch it on TV, and the reason for putting it on DVD is because from my USB it wouldn't display the subtitles, i figured watching it from a disc would correct that as it's proven to fix certain things in the past.

Thanks for your help!

and dai thanks for the program suggestion, I'll give it a shot and with this new info i'll see if i can get it working.
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dual layer disks are dvd-r dl

to burn bluray you need a bluray burner and bluray disks

not sure of a bray movie size i think it is around 13g
Standard DVD discs DVD5 are 4.3 GB capacity. DVD-dl are up 9GB. Blu-Ray DVD singles are 25Gb, and Blu-Ray dl is 50GB. You will need a DVDRW drive to burn DVD5 discs and you will need a DVDRW dl drive (most recent DVDRW drives are now dl) to burn Dual Layer disc. And of course you will need a Blu-Ray Burner BD-R and blanks to burn Blu-Ray discs.
Make sure your movie file fits within the disc you are burning. Or use a compression burning software.
It fits, i've established. it came to 1.7 GB on my DVD-R using 'FreeMKVvideo2DVD' however I just did it in easy mode and assumed it would fill in the blanks.. but the aspect ratio on the burnt movie was pretty square and small, and it didn't show the subs, so I'll see if i can do it again with those changed up..and hopefully it should still fit! I noticed a minor loss in quality but it's better than the AVI by a long shot. Given subtitles were a big part of this operation, i'll have to try again to see if i can make it work, So it's not quite over yet.
At least you got video :) good luck and let us know if you end up figuring it out!
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