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Mitsubishi Canter Truck

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I just overhauled my Mitsubishi Canter Truck 4D33 engine and want to set valve clearance. What's the tappet/valve clearance?
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Let me check around, what year is it?
It's a Mit Canter, 4d33 eng, 1998 model.
Thanks I'll do some checking on line and see what I can come up with, might be a few days though so far I get 50 pages on how to change the oil and build the truck, but nothing on service yet.
gpariva, please do not make multiple posts across forums - folks are trying to find the information you need.
hi Guys,

i was wondering if anyone could help me,

i have a mitsubishi canter fuso 2008 2.0t and was wondering what the valve adjustment specifications are as they are a little noisy.

thanks in advance.

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