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Missing wmvcore.dll: "Band in a Box"

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Am attempting to run an app on Win98(Band in a Box) that requires wmvcore.dll. By installing updated Windows Media Player, the missing dll is also installed. The app still won't run and now gives Error Msg: "The BBW.Exe file is linked to missing export WMVCORE.dll:WMCreateSynchReader". BBW.exe appears to be part of the app. wmvcore.dll is present in registry.
Any suggestions for fixing this problem?
Many thanks
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The older versions of Band in a Box ran fine on Win98SE for me. I don't have it loaded at this time, but if it will help you I will load it and let you know what version the last one was. There were no problems with missing files. I was using a homemade interface into and out of the Sound Card.

Good Luck, Jim
Many thanks Jim for the kind offer. It would be great to know the wmvcore.dll version that worked with Band in a Box. I'm trying to put it on an old lap top so as to have it near at hand when playing along. Tech support at PGMusic, the publisher, is certain that bb will run on Win98 (first edition not SE), but they don't know the dll version that works.
Hi again Jim,

Mine ran great on 98SE. It was a very old version of Band in a Box. Later today I will load it and check the version of Wmvcore.Dll. Will let you know asap.

Hi again,

Man time flies when you're 80! My version of Band in a Box is version 9.0 Pro. It appears to hail from about 1999. The wmvcore.dll existed in Windows\system before BB was loaded. It's on several of my machines so probably loaded from the MS Win98SE install disk. It is dated in the Folder 12/11/02 so may have been updated. It's Ver Built by Lab03_Dev(blb4act). It belongs to Microsoft, Microsoft Windows Media Services. It still works on on one of my Win98Se machines using the sound card for in/out. Don't have a Midi instrument at the present. My son has everything so I only checked it playing the speakers.

Being so old, I doubt if this info will help you, but there it is.

Good Luck, JimP
Hi Jim,
Thanks very much for your trouble. I will look for Ver and give it a try. My Band in a Box is the current version (a 69th birthday present from son who likes to play jazz piano accompanied by BB), so you might think that it would work with current WMVCORE.dll. I'll let you know what happens.
Jim G.
Hi Jim,

That version may be and probably is, the one on the 98 install CD. You could use The File Checker in System Information to recover just that file from the CD.

Worth a try, JimP
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