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Missing Windows Installer on Win 7 64 bit

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I have Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit. I ran several programs recommended by a tech on to help speed up my computer. However, somehow my Windows Installer is no longer working. I get a message when trying to re-download CNET Tech Tracker, "Unable to initialize installer GUI".

The programs I installed and ran were:

Advanced SystemCare

It also had me adjust visual affects and make some adjustments on Indexing Options. It was after I followed the instructions and ran the above programs that I discovered I can't download most files due to an apparent missing Windows Installer file. I've tried finding out how to re-install this file only to realize that none of the files listed on the Microsoft sites is for my version of Windows.

This is the link to the site and info: Several Easy Steps to Boost Your Computer's Speed

After spending almost the entire night trying to repair Windows with my disk (couldn't due to corrupted files in C drive) and running the Win programs to analyze and (hopefully) repair the drive... all to no avail.

PLEASE HELP! :banghead:
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As you have discovered using registry cleaners like Advanced System Care cause more problems then they solve.
If System Restore doesn't work then go to Start/Search and type CMD. Right click the CMD.exe icon and Run As Administrator. Here type SFC /scannow to restore any missing System Files.
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