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Missing operating system, drive being wierd

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OK so I am not sure what happened but my computer wont boot.

1. I decided I wanted to upgrade me vista to 7 so I started the upgrade.
2. It stuck at 39% for several hours so i quit it and it restored my system to vista, everything worked.
3.I then moved all my filed over to my second HDD which has the beta of 7 installed onto it.
4.I booted using the windows 7 CD.
5. Chose the drive i wanted to reformat C, and it did some stuff, randomly failed, so i attempted to instal over it also failed.
5.I restarted and when i attempted to boot regularly my computer brought up the message Operating system missing.

I attempted to reformat the drive and install windows 7/vista again using both CD's no luck the CD's bring up an error all the time.
The computer wont recognise my second OS on my second HDD and wont boot to it no matter what.
I attempted to fix the MBR brought up another error, i tried reformating the disk again and afterwards the first error was back.

HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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