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Missing Network Adapter

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Hi guys,
I am having this same issues only because mine doesn't show
any network devices in device manager under network adapters.
So i tried to install new hardware but still no go.can someone please help,
and will be well appreciated.

thanks in advance
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I have moved and created a Thread for you here. You were originally subscribed from this Thread?

You may download the Network Adapters from your computer's Manufacturer's, Dell, Acer...

Do you still have the original CD's that came with your computer?
hi guys
this puter is a problem , i ve put win7 on it now and still have issues installing the drivers for wireless and lan.
As i was reading at another site these items along with bluetooth are turned off
and has to be enable before they are able to work but its a problem to find how to enable then , i cannot open the registry , its not in bios and i have tried in device manager to install legacy hardware but its just not happening.
when i try to open registry , it hangs there then it restarts the computer ,iam ready to toss it now ,but if some can just lend a hand .

If you are not able to open registry then in that case it may be becuase of some malicious spyware or may be virus. Try to scan and you can also install your network drivers from your OEM websites
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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