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Missing ~20GB of harddrive space

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I recently purchased a laptop with Vista installed. When I view the properties of my hard drive (120gb, showing 111gb) it says that I have used 49gb in storage space. However when I open it and select all the folders inside (including hidden) it only adds up to 29gb.

Is there some other folder type that isn't being displayed? I have yet to backup my files so it can't really be that either. And either way 20gb seems an awful lot of lost space.

Any help is appreciated.
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I would recommend that you get gparted. download the iso and create a livecd from that. Then boot into that and see where all that space is. It might just be unpartitioned space. If so you can add it back in your vista partition with gparted and you will be all set.

To create the livecd. I would recommend imgburn as a program to use. It is free as far as I know.

Hello BoBzzz

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With regards to disk space, it is usual for your system to update and consume alot of memory at any stage especially when it is new. This is largely to do with automtaic updates and backups

Try to perform a disk cleanup

1. Select Start and select Computer

2. Right click Local Disk(C:) and select Properties

3. Select the More Options tab and select Clean up under the System Restore and Shadow Copies

4. Select Delete when prompted

5. Select Ok and again select Delete when prompted

This should free up some space for you


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Thanks, Craig. That freed up almost 15GB :p
Not a problem at all, anytime :grin:



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