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Alright, there's just too much to this so I don't know where to start.

The main problem I'm encountering is that my USB wireless adapter (Netgear MA101) is locking up after a few minutes of use in Windows 2000- the network card will work fine, connect to the router, and I'm able to browse the internet for a few minutes. After that, though, I lose the internet connection. Most things I do to try to regain it yield a lockup, for instance:

If I do "ipconfig /release" or "ipconfig /renew", the command locks up and never resolves (not even giving a timeout error).

If I use the network configuration tool that comes with the network adapter and try to reestablish the connection, or scan for other routers, it will lock up (when I lose the internet connection, by the way, the signal strength is still reported as 100%. The data read goes up as well).

If I use the device manager to try to disable/uninstall the network card, or try to disable/repair the network connection (in Local Network Connections) it locks up.

(Not sure if this is correct or not, but...) After any of the above procedures that cause a lockup occur, the system will not shut down properly- it will lockup on the desktop screen after "Computer is shutting down" disappears and I am forced to reset. After this, when I boot up, Windows will only get through half a startup without locking up. In both of these lockups, the computer is not freezing- in the shutdown lockup I can move the mouse around, and in the startup lockup the little blue color gradient bar thingy on the Win2K startup screen is moving.

This is right off a FRESH install of Windows 2000.

I suspected this was a driver problem with the MA101 until I realized something...

The USB mouse I thought broke a few days ago was also undergoing the same symptoms-- I would use the mouse fine for a few minutes (anywhere up to a couple hours), when the optical light would shut off (like the mouse was unplugged) and I would have to reboot. This happened in BOTH Windows and Mandrake Linux.

Once I realized that, I thought it was a USB problem. However, there's a flaw to that logic too:

I have tried using the network adapter and the mouse both on the motherboard's onboard USB ports, and a Belkin PCI 5-port USB hub I installed.

Any ideas on what the problem could be, and how I could fix it (or at least establish that that's definitely what the problem is?)

Edit: I forgot to mention that I checked to see if it was a power supply problem. I only did a quick check in the BIOS, which reported that the base voltage was something like 1.334V (dont remember exactly), 3V and 5V (i think those were the numbers) were 3.0V and 5.0V respectively, and 12V was 12.30V. So that seemingly looks fine. Can the BIOS be trusted for accurate results for that or should I take a voltmeter to it?

Thanks :)
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