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Minimize to System Tray

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I just bought an HP All-In-One loaded with Windows 7. Previously, on an old Acer laptop, I had XP. There are a lot of differences, and I've figured out most of them. But one remains to be solved. With XP I could minimize a website to the system tray and open a new one. Then I could maximize the one in the tray to bring it back up.

With Win 7 I can't bring up a new website while leaving the other in the tray. When I click on IE it brings up the one in the tray. I have to exit the first site in order to open a new one. Is there a work-around for this ? Or is this just the way Win 7 works?
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Hi, Welcome to TSF.

IE is designed to use TAB's rather than many windows but you can open a separate IE by holding down the Shift key and then click on IE.
OOOh...TRICKY !!! But I'll get used to it. Thanks so much.
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You can also right click the IE icon on the Taskbar, then click Internet Explorer to open another window.

Saves having to put the coffee cup down to press shift:grin:
Duly noted, TheOutcast. Thanks. I have to say that 12 years of computing with all those windows got to be a real habit. I liked that much better than tabs. Oh well...
You can change it to individual buttons if you prefer.
Right click the Taskbar, click Properties
Set the Taskbar buttons: drop down to Never Combine
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