With the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016 finished, hundreds of manufacturers unveiled some neat and exciting new technology. Everything from new TVs, Cars, Phones and headphones, to small Bluetooth tracking devices were announced and all of these devices give us a glimpse of what 2016 has to hold.

Something that caught my attention at CES this year was the fact that everything is going mobile. Battery technology has allowed us to travel further, for longer, without the worry that our device is going to lose power.

My Galaxy Note 4 smartphone goes an entire two days before I even consider recharging it, while a pair of portable wireless headphones last for hours upon hours. However, sooner or later a recharge is needed to keep up with your busy life and until we discover a battery that fits inside a smartphone and lasts for a month, we are still tethered to the wall.

Phone junkies, music lovers, party-goers, all-nighters, are the type of people that stress under the red battery icon while their screen slowly fades into darkness. As no stranger to my review list, portable backup batteries are an excellent way for your mobile devices to keep up with your fast pace of life.

Over the past two years, battery bank manufacturers have had the TSF spotlight on them as their products are put to the test. Now, its time to investigate a new brand; an Amazon seller that has some interesting products.

Welcome to my review of Lumsing’s latest portable battery bank, the Grand A1. Throughout this review, I will cover: the design, functionality, and my final thoughts. A special thank you to Lumsing for providing this product.


The design of the Grand A1, or A1 for short, resembles the traditional look and feel of a battery bank. We find a slimlined shape with rolled over sides that create two flat faces that make it feel smaller than it really is.

Sent to me was an orange on black color configuration, while Lumsing offers a white on gold and blue on silver look that should surely match your personalization tastes. Personally, I find the orange and black model to be well suited for men with the white on gold matching well for women.

Continuing with the A1’s design, the unit is constructed from a rigid plastic that holds up to accidental drops, bumps, and scratches. The black body is a brushed finish that doesn’t hold any fingerprints or oil spots caused by your hands.

In terms of the unit’s I/O, the A1 is fitted with two USB 2.0 output connectors for simultaneous charging, a micro USB input for recharging, an LED light and a front mounted battery status indicator that is displayed after pressing the right sided button. The blue status indicator displays current power in 25% increments.


For testing of the Grand A1, I used the normal assortment of products including a Galaxy Note 4, HTC One M7, Asus VivoTab Smart, and a Bluetooth headset.

Crack open the A1 to discover a 13,400 mAh battery that lasts for an incredible amount of time on standby. The battery weighs in at a mere 9.24 ounces.

Lumsing's battery pack found its new home in one of my cars to act as an "In case of emergency" battery pack for when my phone dies on the go. While this is suitable for many people, during the cold winters of Wisconsin, freezing temperatures seep into the interior of the car, making everything inside incredibility cold. With the A1 in freezing temperatures, it remained working throughout.

When it comes to charging, the USB ports have an output of 3 amps, which should be more than enough for any phone or tablet. Lumsing does not mention whether or not this is a smart USB charger, meaning it may be problematic for your smaller devices, like a Bluetooth headset, as pumping a constant 3A into a 1A requirement may harm the receiving battery.

When charging phones and tablets, the battery bank did as expected and offered nothing more than any other charger I’ve reviewed. Charging times ranged between 2 – 4 hours depending on the device and their battery percentages. Charging was no different than using my standard phone charger and there were no surprises while charging.

As for recharging, an expected ten hours is needed to recharge the massive 13,400 mAh battery. Due to the long recharge time, I recommend charging it on a phone charger, desk lamp, or common area so that you do not forget about its existence.

My Final Thoughts

While the Lumsing Grand A1 isn’t anything special over other, similar battery banks, its massive 13,400 mAh battery offers a long-term charge for your devices while on the go. At $24.00 its style and size makes it perfect for a travel buddy and the styles suit both men and women. Furthermore, Lumsing offers an 18 month warranty which is a big plus over other battery banks.

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