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I am in the process of upgrading the hard drive on my windows 7 computer. I formatted what I thought was the old system reserved partition on the old drive. Since formatting it, my computer still loads ok. However, programs run noticeably slower. And when I tried loading it today, the video was coming through the motherboard output instead of the GPU output. Yikes!

From what I've read, if one deletes the system reserved partition, the computer is no longer able to boot. Because my computer still boots I'm not too worried. But I don't know what I've done nor where to begin in fixing it.

So what I would like to know is:
  1. what might I have done exactly and is it serious?
  2. what can I do to fix it?

Below is my understanding of the problem. A short history of my PC hard drives:
  1. initially had one 2tb harddrive with two partitions. One of them held the operating system. This is now Disk 2 in the screenshot at the bottom of my post.
  2. got a SSD and moved the operating system onto it. This is Disk 0 in the screenshot.
  3. recently bought a 4tb hardrive (Disk 1). I cloned the contents of Disk 2 onto it.
I was wanting to format Disk 2 to convert it to GPT. I wiped the two partitions X and Y. I couldn't format the whole drive, I think because there was remaining a "system reserved partition" F. I was feeling impatient and formated it. Probably not the best move.

I don't know much about system reserve partitions. I don't know if they can be moved, safely deleted or not. I got a computer shop to clone the operating system onto the SSD drive, so I don't know for sure what the actual system reserve drive was. Each hard drive has a 100mb partition at the start of it. The one on Disk 2 was called "System Reserved". The one on Disk 0 is just called "Data".

From what I've read, system reserved partitions have no drive letter. My thinking is that partition "Data" on Disk 0 is the current system reserve because it has no drive letter. The drive I formatted, F on Disk 2, now called "test GTP" since formatting, used to be called "System Reserve". But I'm pretty sure it had a drive letter before I formatted. My guess is it used to be the system reserve, was cloned to the SSD, and has since been defunct.

Let me know what you think I've done! Many thanks.

Screenshot of my current hard drive set up:
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Your 100 MB Data drive is your old System Reserve partition that you might have renamed. It has no Drive letter because it is Hidden from Windows. You can also tell it is that because the partition is System, Active, Primary Partition, just like the 100MB test GTP partition. You can rename it to System Reserve to avoid confusion. You should not Delete the Data drive or the computer will not boot.
If you want to delete all the partitions on Disk 2 You can use a 3rd party app like Minitool Partition Manager
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