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Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library error while attempting to run Yahoo messenger

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I am having one difficult time attempting to correct a runtime error that is connected to my yahoo messenger program. I searched and found where midnight tech was helped on here and it solved his problems. I followed the same directions and it did not work for me. I ran the Spy-bot and the Adware thingy and then attempted to download the Hijackthis program and it downloaded but would not run. Am I doing something wrong? Am I missing something to help it run. I would appreciate any help someone could give me. I'm not real computer savy and know just enough to be dangerous. Well thank you in advance.

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hi janicelynn, welcome to tsf.

did you uninstall yahoo messenger, then reboot and reinstall?
Hi Stu...... and yes I did, like 6 times and still nada. I have run a thorough disk scan and a disk defrag also. I'm ready to pull my hair out.
Go here...

download file: vcredist_x86.exe 8267 KB (bottom of page) to your desktop.

Then double-click the file to install the updates and reboot.
Stu...... downloading it now...... Keep your fingers crossed..... I've got my eyes crossed just for extra good measure. Hope this works.
Stu.... it didnt work.... what now?
Welcome janicelyn! Try going to and do the online virus scan as well as the trojan scan. It took all 3 of those (AASE, Spybot, and Trend's Trojan scanner) as well as their antivirus AND AVG to find everything that was on that machine.
Okay..... thanks midnighttech...... I'll give it a try..... and keep you posted.
Midnighttech........ what is AASE..?
Sorry...that's Ad-Aware SE :grin:
Okay...... thanks..... and thats cool, like I said earlier I know just enough to be dangerous. :grin:
Okay Midnighttech....... I've run the housecall virus scan and trojan horse scan and its clean..... what next?
Try getting HiJack This again..if you do post a log over in the TSF Security Center....this may take a bit more muscle than the one I had did.
Tech what do you mean if i do post a log over in the TSF...? I dont get it.
Were you able to download HJT again?
I went to the site and downloaded it I think..... but when I go to the place and double click on it an message window pops up telling me that the Program.exe cannot be found...... I dont think I'm doing it right.... I'm so ready to just sit and cry.
Go to Control Panel | Add/Remove Programs

Then remove all toolbars (yahoo, google, etc...) and any applications that say search.

If Internet Explorer is also listed there, click it's remove button, a dialogue box will come up asking if you want to remove or repair-select repair and okay, this makes IE check/reinstall it's files.

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1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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