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I had a little time today so I decided to check out my extra PC to see if Vista would run on it.
It's a Dell & not the latest greatest but has a P4 1.6 & 1 gig of ram, etc. so I thought why not see if I can use it to play with and lean Vista before making the change on my primary computer.

So I visit.....
I need to download the Windows Vista Advisor at over 6MB
It won't "just run" because...
Then I need to download some MSXM at 1.5MB
THEN I need to downlaod .NET Framework 2.0 at OVER 22MB
Have lunch while this installs.

Run the scan....

I guess I need a larger HDD, a new video card, my wireless card might not work, my DVD authoring software might not work,

$250 for Vista + guess $200 for a video card + $60 for new DVD authoring software + $75 for a new HDD = so far $585.00

I think I'm sticking w/ XP for a few more years & my next computer will probably be a Mac......or am I just grumpy today?

Your thoughts to my rant !

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