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Microsoft has already announced that starting early 2016 the Windows 10 upgrade push would become a little bit more aggressive, and now we already see changes in this regard.

Josh Mayfield, the creator of GWX Control Panel, an application that helps block the upgrade to Windows 10, told InfoWorld that Microsoft has recently made some changes to the KB3035583 update that silently create a new background task that automatically re-enables the upgrade twice a day.

KB3035583 is the update responsible for installing the Get Windows 10 app and “forcing” the upgrade on a Windows 7 and 8.1 computer and its full removal is said to help block the switch to the new operating system.

Automatic checks performed twice a day

But if you only disable the Get Windows 10 app and keep this update on your computer, it automatically re-activates the app in the background thanks to checks that are performed two times a day.

“Beginning about a month ago the KB3035583 update started installing a new background task -- beyond the ones previous versions already installed -- that resets the AllowOSUpgrade value to 1 (enabled) twice a day. Not all users have this background task -- I don't know how Microsoft decides how these things get distributed -- but for those who do, changing this value like suggests will only help you for 12 hours or less,” Mayfield explained.
Microsoft Trying to Re-Enable Windows 10 Upgrade on Windows 7/8.1 Twice a Day
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