Just a month ago Microsoft offered a $100 price cut on their somewhat new Windows 8 tablet, the Surface Pro. Well Microsoft has now said that the limited price drop is now here to stay!

The Surface Pro will now sell for $799 in all major markets around the world. Originally $999 at launch, I find that the new price point is a fairly reasonable price for this high end tablet.

The discounts don’t stop there! Microsoft has dropped the Touch Cover keyboard by $40, now selling at $79. The Surface RT, as well, gets a drop in price, including its own Touch cover bundle, and will now sell at $399.

With all of these price drops that Microsoft has been promoting it makes you wonder how well they are really selling, or if Microsoft is now taking a loss on each item sold. A Microsoft Spokesperson had this to say in his statement:
"The customer response to recent Surface pricing and keyboard-cover promotions has been exciting to see, and we are proud to begin rollout of Surface Pro, Touch Cover and Surface RT bundles at even more affordable prices starting Aug. 29. People who buy Surface love Surface, and we're eager for more people to get their hands on this incredible device."
Most of the price cuts will also extend to European customers, especially in the UK, which will be receiving its first price cut in their market.

With all of the news, Microsoft sure has done well with their advertisements for the Windows 8 OS, along with the Surface line. Hopefully we’ll see a version 2 of the Surface in the next few months. Be sure to also checkout our review of the Surface Pro here .